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Understandng Consent and Supporting Our Loved Ones After Sexual Assault

More Talks To Be Announced Soon.  Please contact me directly with requests to speak at your agency or event. 

Being There: Understanding Consent and Supporting Our Loved Ones After Sexual Assault

Gray Area Counseling, LLC is grateful to be hosted by Red Truck Beer Company for this Free community talk.  Please Register Below.

What do you do when someone you love has the courage to tell you that they've experienced sexual assault? 

For most of us, a long standing culture of silence has made that a difficult question to answer. Too often our best case scenario looks something like this... Our loved one lets us know what happened. Struggling to process the information we move rapidly between dozens of emotions at once (fear, murderous rage, guilt, shame, shock, despair, confusion, numb, hopeless, utterly lost, panic...). Then the left side of our brain kicks in and we go in to fix it mode. Maybe we call the police, drive our loved one to the hospital, get them signed up for individual and group therapy, and generally try to do everything we can to make it all better because we have no idea what if anything we should be doing because never once has anyone ever tried to help prepare us for this. 

If this sounds familiar then maybe you know what comes next. You likely end up feeling incredibly exhausted and frustrated, while your loved one feels misunderstood, isolated, and even more disempowered. You and your loved one have entered in to a cycle of disconnection. 

Fortunately a powerful shift is happening. As a country we're openly challenging the silence and victim blaming that has kept us from proactively learning how to effectively support our loved ones after sexual violence.

Come join us to learn how to become, or prepare yourself to be, the person your loved one needs you to be after sexual violence. We'll take an in-depth look at the true nature of Consent, learn a universally applicable frame work for how to approach the healing process, as well as cover short and long term concrete steps and strategies to be the supporter your loved one needs.

You may already be supporting someone who has experienced sexual violence and don't even know it. Whether you're already a supporter, or you're just interested in making sure you can step in to a supportive role, you're invited! 

This is a free community talk.  However, any support to Red Truck Beer Company by way of beverage and food purchases would be greatly appreciated.  Please fill in the registration form to reserve your spot.

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