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Sensorimotor Therapy

Our Bodies Remember

If you’ve clicked on this tap you’re more likely than the average bear to have heard the book title turned catchphrase “The Body Keeps the Score.”  If you haven’t yet read this book by Bessel van der Kolk I highly encourage you to do so.  


Whether or not you’ve heard it before - the truth remains that our bodies hold our life experiences just as much as our minds do.  


If you’re skeptical of traditional talk therapy being effective for treating the major stressors and traumas of your life, there’s good reason to be.  We can’t just think our way out of our traumatic past. If we could then self-help books would be way more helpful, and therapist would be way less needed.  

Getting in to the Body

Sensorimotor Therapy is about slowly but intentionally regaining connection the body and the wisdom that’s stored there.  Experiences of chronic pain and tension are more often than not symptoms of unresolved trauma and stress.  


Working together you and I will be able to create enough safety in the therapy room that you will be able to begin noticing and tracking how your body responds to your world, your thoughts, and your emotions.


Having body awareness and expressing our truth through our body (often referred to as being embodied) brings us closer to healing old wounds and creating the life you want to live.


Why this Might Sound Really Scary

For many folks being asked to pay attention to their bodies might be a really scary notion.  A lifetime of traumas and stressors often lead us to arrive at the conclusion that the body is an unsafe place, that we need to distance ourselves from it, that we “aren’t our bodies,” or even that our bodies deserve to be harmed (be ourselves or others).  


If any of these things feel true to you then I genuinely hope you will reach out to a therapist who can help you engage in body based therapy.  These therapies, often called Somatic (body) Therapy, Sensorimotor Therapy, or Somatic Experiencing offer amazing resources to process through the pain and disconnection from yourself that you’ve been experiencing.  

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