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Resources for Healing

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Join me as we discuss how to support our loved ones through a process of healing from sexual assault, as well as how a full understanding of consent makes sex safe and sexy.

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Powerful Lessons We All Need


Emily Nagoski on "The Truth About Unwanted Arousal."  How our bodies respond to stimulation is Not an indication of our consent.

The ever insightful and inspiring researcher Brene' Brown on how holding Strong Boundaries helps to preserve our limited personal energy and strengthen relationship.

Poet, singer, and songwriter Tanya Davis on "How to Be Alone."  Some wonderful insight on navigating self-care during times of feeling isolated. 

Shinrin Yoku - The Japanese term for Forest Bathing.  A practice of intentionally directing all the senses to experiencing the natural world. 

Unlike us, our canine companions don't get to speak in words, but like us, they do have a large vocabulary of nonverbal cues that reflect their inner experience. 

A simple lesson on understanding sexual consent.  "If they don't want the tea, you don't make them drink the tea."

The phenomenal poet and performer Andrea Gibson reciting their poem "Fight for Love."  Because love is worth fighting for!

Ariel Leve on "How to Deal with Gaslighting."  Some strategies to deal with people who try to take away your voice, your truth, and your sense of self.

Addiction - "a symptom of the crisis of disconnection."  Addiction is not weakness of character.  It is what happens when our inherent need to be in connection with others is confronted by isolation.  

Dr. Gabor Mate debunks the myths of why addiction is not about choice, genetics, or a weak constitution, but is instead about our very sincere attempts to heal the wounds of painful life experiences.  

Books For

A Healing Path


You Feel Like Shit

A step by step self-care guide for the days when self-care is too much.

The Outlaw Catalog of Cagey Optimism

A guide to everything that is right with you!

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