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Nature Therapy

"Survival is merely the delaying of dying.  Thriving is a vibrant, individual art-form cultivated through commitment to health practices and the fearless pursuit of personal development."

-Daniel Vitalis

The Nature Myth

Even though we don't often speak about it, there is a prevailing myth in our culture when it comes to being in connection to nature.  We tend to believe that Nature is something we have to go to as opposed to something we're always a part of. 


There are two big implications in this myth:

1) That we aren't constantly surrounded by nature, and

2) That as human beings we some how aren't a part of nature ourselves. 


Unfortunately, moving through the world in this way has some serious consequences

1) We lose our sense of connection to the rest of the natural world. 

2) We stop, or perhaps never, recognize the impact our life styles, consumption and waste habits have on our well-being and the well-being of our communities. 

3) And perhaps most sadly, we close ourselves off from the powerful lessons that nature has to teach us. 

A Nature Connection

On the flip side, intentionally developing a stronger connection to nature comes with some amazing benefits, which anyone who feels deeply connected to the land can attest to.  Through my Nature Therapy work I support you to develop the tools and mindset to more purposefully connect with nature as a way of;

->> achieving inner growth  ->> moving through pain and stress  ->> controlling anxiety  ->> promoting overall health  ->> reducing feelings of isolation and disconnection  ->> alleviating feelings of depression  ->> healing from trauma          ->>and always of so much importance >> Remembering to Play!<<

Our Time in Nature

Sometimes our nature therapy sessions will simply be game planning around how to effectively use leisure time to be in nature.  At other times we can plan to take our sessions outside and experience the lessons the natural world has to offer first hand. 


Whether we're looking out the window, walking around the campus of my office building, or having our session in a local park, the chance to connect in to nature is always present.  

Aside from supporting overall mental health and happiness, nature therapy and nature connection can dramatically support the process of healing from traumatic experiences.  Nature can teach us some amazing valuable skills, such as grounding and environment testing, that support us to heal from traumatic events.  


The term grounding comes from the practice of using our senses to be strongly and intentionally connected to the present moment.  My clients often find that practicing grounding skills in the natural world (as opposed to just inside) helps make it easier to effectively use grounding skills during periods of high stress, or to stay present during times of being reminded of traumatic experiences.

When we connect in to nature we're connecting in to a deeper part of ourselves.  I'm looking forwarded to the chance to support your growth through nature therapy as an avenue to find the healing you're seeking.  Please reach out to schedule a risk free 50 minute in-person consultation.

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