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Hudson's authenticity is both refreshing and contagious. My experiences with him have shown that he possesses a gift for holding space which facilitates connection and vulnerability...two fundamental aspects for growth and change. The privilege of having Hudson as a colleague enhances my own professional/personal development, as well as provides me with the hope and confidence for our community's collective mental health.

Amanda Haygood, MA, LPC, LMFT

Individual and Couples Therapist


Hudson provides clients with a river of compassion, knowledge, professionalism and clinical excellence in the area trauma and trauma recovery.  He has many years

experience working side by side with clients as they traverse the difficult work of healing and the continuity to be present with clients until the healing emerges. 

I refer clients to Hudson without hesitation or pause.  He is an important resource in Northern Colorado and Ft. Collins area.

Deb Azorsky, MA, LPC

Therapist, Clinical Supervisor



"There is no person that I would rather journey with into the dark reaches of my disowned self - pain or even shame - in complete confidence that he would always steadfastly regard me in wholeness, in light, and in love. No matter how frightened, fragmented or ugly I feel in any moment, I can always trust that Hudson can see the health and strength in me, and compassionately guide me towards re-membering my highest self. Hudson’s capacity for allied healing is something I have always marveled at. I testify with complete confidence in his ability and commitment to journey whole-heartedly with you into your shadow, or into your fire, and unwaveringly revere you in health and wholeness until you can confidently source those things within yourself."

Terra Anderson, MA, R-DMT

Dance Movement Therapist, Artist


"There are fewer people in this world with a bigger heart and a sharper mind than Hudson Wilkins. Empathetic and insightful, he is truly adept at cutting to the core of a problem and approaching it with compassion and gentleness. I’ve never once doubted his sincerity or capability when tackling a difficult problem, even those which are seemingly intractable and insoluble. When I think of those who I trust to always be in the process of trying to make the world better, he is on the short list."

Jase Short

Philosopher, Social Justice Activist


"Hudson presents with a warm and gentle spirit.  In working with individuals who have experienced trauma, his demeanor provides for an opportunity for clients to have a corrective experience.  He is passionate about his work, and committed to the well-being of his clients.  Additionally he brings humor, integrity and the love of nature into all that he does."

Jacquelyn Aamodt, LCSW

Clinical Director, The Blue Bench 


"Hudson Wilkins is a heart-centered clinician who balances his strong analytical mind with a gracious earthiness that creates a respectful space for the emotional and spiritual processes of vulnerable people seeking support. His orientation to social equity is evidenced in both his professional and personal relationships and he is the sort of fellow one wants as the anchor of a community. As a trauma-informed therapist and community educator/activist, I couldn't be more proud to call Hudson my colleague and friend.​"


Beit Gorski, MA, LPC

Somatic Therapist, Social Justice Activist and Educator


"Hudson Wilkins is a warm-hearted therapist with a passion for his work.  He is ethical and deeply caring, committed to social justice.  His knowledge of issues of power and oppression make him a strong counselor for victims of sexual assault. "

Kate Mazuy, MA, LPC, CHT

Faculty, Naropa University


"As a counselor, Hudson comes to his training with experience in the Wilderness Therapy field. His years in the field allow him to be confident in his abilities while remaining humble. His experience with adolescents and young adults in crisis informs his level-headed manner in dealing with stressful situations. He builds rapport with ease—not just because he has a warm, pleasant personality, but because he is willing to face difficult issues head-on with a calm presence. Hudson knows how to build genuine connections with clients."

Suzanne Forrester, LPCC

Faculty, Naropa University 


"Hudson has a particular talent for working individually with clients. His ability to develop rapport with almost any client in our program has been one of Hudson’s greatest strengths. Hudson has worked as an adjunct to some of our most challenging cases to great effect.  This work requires strong boundaries, effective communication, and empathy."

Matthew Sullivan

Program Director, AIM House

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