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Trauma Does Not Have To Define Your Life.

Therapy Helps.

I don't want you to feel hopeful.  I want you to be hopeless that you'll ever have enough control to make a permanently stable and happy future.  Instead, I want you to have the confidence, and enough faith in yourself to know that you'll be able to successfully navigate what ever life has in store for you.

- Hudson Wilkins

I help others to overcome the pain, stigma, and isolation of traumatic experiences, especially the deep physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual wounding of sexual violence.  You don't have to go another day feeling isolated and stuck.  You don't have to hold your story and your pain inside for fear of yet another person not believing you, telling you it wasn't a big deal, or to get over it already.  You don't have to keep enduring day after day the same vivid memories and nightmares as if they were all happening again.  You don't have spend the rest of your life on the edge of your seat waiting for someone to hurt you again.  You don't have to keep being afraid in your own home and your own body.  You don't have to keep blaming yourself.

The pain and impact of sexual assault is undeniable.  Even if it feels too far out of reach or even plain impossible, healing and growing after sexual assault, or any traumatic experience, can and does happen.  You are not alone in this.  So many others have healed after sexual assault, and so can you. There's no reason to keep going it alone. 


Lets start today with a risk free 50 minute online onsultation.

Have you or a loved one experienced sexual assault?Do you need tools and support to navigate the impact of sexual violence on your life? Today can be the right day to reach out for support.

EMDR Therapy

Internal Family Systems

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Wilderness Therapy 

Mindfulness Training

Cognitive Behavioral 

Positive Psychology


I'm Hudson, and I've been working as a professionally in mental health for the past 10 years.  Validating deep pain and creating empowerment for the future through genuine human connection is at the heart of who I am and my offerings as a therapist. 


— Unkown

"Patience is not a command to wait.  It's a relaxed approach to this moment, so that the next moment can reveal itself with ease.  Your patience creates excellence."

Hudson Wilkins, MA, LPCC, EMDR
Hudson Wilkins, MA, LPC, EMDR, IFS, SPT


"There is no person that I would rather journey with into the dark reaches of my disowned self - pain or even shame - in complete confidence that he would always steadfastly regard me in wholeness, in light, and in love. No matter how frightened, fragmented or ugly I feel in any moment, I can always trust that Hudson can see the health and strength in me, and compassionately guide me towards re-membering my highest self. Hudson’s capacity for allied healing is something I have always marveled at. I testify with complete confidence in his ability and commitment to journey whole-heartedly with you into your shadow, or into your fire, and unwaveringly revere you in health and wholeness until you can confidently source those things within yourself."​


Terra Anderson, MA, R-DMT

Dance Movement Therapist, Artist



*To Schedule a Risk Free In-Person Consultation

*Choosing the RIGHT counselor for YOU is a very important step in the healing process. I understand that starting a therapeutic relationship can be vulnerable and scary.  If you're visiting my website it's likely because you feel that now may be the right time to find support for your healing journey. I want to honor your process by inviting you to a risk free 50 minute in-person consultation for prospective clients.  

In-Person & Online Appointments

Fort Collins, CO

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